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Return policy

Return policy

1. Our return policy is 14 days after the recipient of your product. If you wish to return your product, send an email to info@thebluebird.se describing why you want to return the item, we will then send all the information needed to return the item.

2. Since we work directly towards the factory (to reduce the costs of intermediaries and cheaper product to you), we will give you the address of the factory where you stand for the freight.

3. The product you send back must be in good condition, same as original. Used product will not be accepted. The product must also be in the original packaging

4. When returning the product, always send the tracking number must be set to us.

5. When the product arrives at the factory it is inspected and everything is good an approval is made, then we will pay back the price of the product (except shipping)

6. If the product is not approved due to the above criteria, the product will be returned to you at your expense, or the product will remain at the factory until you announce what is to happen.

7. Shipping costs for returns are you as a customer responsible to pay.

8. Refunds after approval can normally take a while. If no refund has been returned to you, please contact us at immediately.
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